Siphon Vacuum Cleaner

By · Thursday, December 24th, 2009

Siphon Vacuum Cleaner
Fish Tank Cleaning substrate?

I have a 75 gallon tank fish plant that has substrate. Its really small and light and aspirated in a gravel (vacuum sucked all the way as in the cube using instant messaging). So I just divert the water out and put tap water in the new (subject of course) and not worry about the cleanliness of the substrate. Or what should I do also weekly water changes of 15 gallons (20%)

Attach the siphon tube so that the flow is restricted and lift the tube to drop the substrate again while working on the substrate. Once plants are well rooted a simple agitation of the substrate exposed and siphon above will suffice, but not good to leave unplanted substrate static and anaerobic bacteria can form pockets. You can of course sieve out the substrate of the collection tray and put back into the tank.

Mini Vacuum Siphon DIY for Goldfish Fry Babies Tank

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