Slime Remover

By · Sunday, June 14th, 2009

Slime Remover

I know most hot tub users are obsessed with clean water. Most owners of hot tub and spa, to my knowledge no stop at nothing to have that perfect shine in the water. This usually means opening its pocketbook to buy more replacement chemicals. Without But clean water need not be expensive. In fact, with clean water, reduce chemical costs! Here are three secret that cost nothing and are more effective than any chemical that I have encountered in maintaining sparkling "fresh water".

Change filter often. I can not say this enough. All hot tub owners should have 2 filters, one used in the bath and the other ready to go. If you're like most, to change the filter every 2-3 months in a cycle similar to that changing the water. However, you can double your water life by simply increasing the rate of filter changes. 2 weeks is ideal. I suggest using a clean filter and discard. These are inexpensive and make quick work of cleaning your filter. A clean filter ensures adequate water flow, and assume the particles fine collected. Most hot tub filters have a bypass system that opens when there is a decrease in the rate of flow caused by a filter obstructed. When this happens, the filter becomes useless as water is going through the entire system.

Shower before entering the heat tub. You see this sign at public pools and spas worldwide. Most often this is ignored and people hop in the hot tub with shower to 1. Have you ever taken a bath and looked at the ring of oil and dead skin that is left behind one bathroom? This is perfect reproduction of material bacteria in a hot tub. Before 1 shower, we are removing nearly 80% of dead skin and oil from your body. This means your filter and sanitizers will be much less work as there is much less foreign material in the water. In the Japanese bath tubs called Ofuro used. However, in this tradition, one of the bathrooms before entering the tub. In this way the water in the Furo could be used many times before evacuation.

Do not wash your bathing suite in the laundry. Anyone who has a hot tub usually figures this one after a lot of white soapy bubbles. These foams arise in suits bath containing residues of laundry soap. Most laundry machines will leave a small amount of waste, even after a thoroughly rinse cycle. Phosphates left on the clothes end up in the hot tub. The problem is not just bubbles that can be cured with products such as. This is that phosphates Algea loves! This means "mud." What I suggest is to keep a set of bath for your hot tub bath. Clean with hot water but not sinking the washer. You may also want to keep more short results available. Practice 3 of these simple techniques and I guarantee you will see a large increase in the water clarity, and saving in your pocket as you are using fewer chemicals.

Dan Jung is owner of Cedar Tubs Direct, which is a leading wholesale Spa Chemicals & Parts replacement store. Here you will find the best alternative Spa Sanitizers that give you sparkling clean water without harsh chemicals.

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