Spill Clean Fill

By · Monday, July 27th, 2009

Spill Clean Fill

Revolutionary technological advances

Kinetic Impulse Gravity bomb technology uses gravity feed to pump water without to use an external drive motor of any kind. That's right: you can now pump water 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without having to worry by electricity or gas bills.

  1. What it costs to run your pool pump every month? When installing your pump can run KIG the pool filter every day, with all its additional features of water in your garden and pool. Ensure that the group is kept very clean, with the use of their products cleaning chemicals. Imagine being able to do all this without having to worry about any electrical bills. The same applies for your koi pond or dam.
  2. How much is your business all that excess water pump? Ideal for mining, quarrying, brick and mortar companies. All that excess water seeping through its water table and makes its production, can be removed 24 hours a day with your KIG pump. Keep your work area dry, so that you can focus on their production. This means less downtime and increased productivity.
  3. What if it costs you nothing to fill filing and dams irrigate their lands or fields? KIG The pump is ideal for transferring water from a river or a dam, its operating dams, tanks and vessels. Now you do not need to run out of water when you need a flood or irrigate their lands or fields. Ensure that all drinkers have a continuous supply of water sweet. The excess water can be recycled or released back into the wild river (or prey).

Save on all these monthly running costs for the installation Kinetic Impulse a gravity pump to move water to where you need it most.

KIG pumps are manufactured to customer specifications, in terms of volumes and / or requirements pressure. The specifications have been modified to suite the Chemical and Petroleum.

The applications are limitless.

Make It to transfer or pump water for hundreds of miles, no problem with the pumping system KIG full.

How kinetic momentum of the pump runs gravity of water is introduced into the Kinetic Impulse Gravity pump via gravity feed, which triggers the pulse valve, the use of kinetic energy inherent in water to activate the valve, creating the pumping action. The next phase of our project is to relieve the generator kinetic impulses that will provide your home with all its power and / or electrical needs.

Martin Nicolaas Engelbrecht
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