All Plastic Adjustable

By · Thursday, February 12th, 2009

All Plastic Adjustable
A question for all – can I?

We are taking very seriously ourselves? This is just for fun: Tell us what happened the last time it was really f * cking high in the church. I do not mean "high" in the Spirit of the Lord. I refer to the sides and damn fool out of some Holy and Righteous Greenbud. Was it a good time? Did you laugh? Did you mourn? Do not just travel all the hats of the ladies? It's like one black and white movies where everyone is always wearing a hat. "Lucy, I'm leaving the club." "Okay, honey. Do not forget your hat." And hats that were nice, too. Not just some shit cap with plastic adjustable belts, hats, but adequate. All equipped and saved for. But you see only in church hats. How did we come so far from Jesus? But anyway ….. Let's listen to their highest in the histories of the Church. Let me make you laugh.

I'm agnostic and do not often go to church, but many years ago gave me a heavy blow of some powerful LSD and went all night. For some reason, morning, still shooting like crazy I was tempted to enter this church service i could here. It is as well there for a while after the guy in front Me made a strong stinky f * rt and just laughed and could not stop laughing. Everyone looked at me and the priest began to become a giant squid, so I yelled "Holy is the smell flatualents because God" and then cut and run. Thus ended my flirtation with organized religion

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