Aquarium Carbon Media

By · Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Aquarium Carbon Media
Aquarium charcoal filter? Experienced answers please!?

I am fairly new to aquariums. My tank has been cycling around 5 weeks. It has fish in it so it has taken a little longer just because of the increase in waste and water changes. I have an AquaClear 20 filter that comes with 3 types of media Media: sponge, charcoal / coal and the bag of Biomax. I was thinking about cleaning my filter media during my next change water with a little aquarium water in a bucket. However, my question is if it is necessary to filter chemicals (drugs) can be replaced with charcoal filter Biomax another insert? I was told by the petstore type more beneficial bacteria can be sustained with two bags and sponge Biomax. Has anyone done this before and is better? Also Does anyone have any particular experience with AquaClear Zeo-Carb Filter Media? Does it work to reduce ammonia and nitrite and will alter or harm my biological filter?

Unless you are removing the medication, the carbon is not necessary. What bacteria need a surface area to colonize, so that could add another insert Biomax, however, the sponge media and their land (the bacteria that live there as well), Biomax another insert may be excessive. If you have no ammonia production to support the bacteria, the more area it does not matter. AquaClears I used 55-gallon tank without carbon cichlid (and before Biomax out CAN) and had no detectable ammonia or nitrite. Should be very useful if you need to clean one of the units, or necessary to establish a hospital / quarantine tank, since the extra unit could be used to "seed" the new tank with bacteria. If you're still in the process of cycling, I was far from the zeolite / remove ammonia. They do the work, but removing the ammonia / nitrite bacteria need for their power source. Even with products like Amquel – join this so they are less toxic to fish, but despite claims from manufacturers that do not seem to be as bioavailable to bacteria, besides that keeps popping up in the water analysis. The danger here is that when the amount of chemical is "used" by the ammonia and nitrites present and most widely produced, there is no way of knowing the "bound" forms of "toxic" evidence. Best to leave these to certain situations emergency, and the cycle of the tank without them.

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