Aquarium Filter Cartridge

By · Friday, December 18th, 2009

Aquarium Filter Cartridge

* Control of nitrate-nitrate level of 20 ppm or less is the best saltwater, 50 ppm or less for FW (want a Nitrate level of at least 15 ppm for planted FW aquariums).
Please note, a average protein skimmer can not keep up with the output of organic waste from an average stocked marine aquarium, and water changes for the removal of organics and nitrate control is still necessary marine aquarium with a protein skimmer (usually are not exceptions in a reef aquarium with large quantities of live rock and live sand, heavy machinery or green algae growth, and stocking of light but then added elements need to be replaced in a system closed).

I've often told my clients that the removal of nitrate was one (not the only) reason for water changes by vacuuming, and is one reason important.
Also, as for nitrates, especially in marine aquariums, removing organic waste before it "cycles" through of the cleaner in my opinion is the main focus of nitrate removal via water change.

* PH and KH control-Maintaining a proper pH (the pH levels have a tendency to drop the biological activity), KH is the buffering abilty of water and may also diminish. KH is very important and a great problem I've seen for years in my maintenance business when calling on customers who seemed to always have problems with their aquariums and claimed cleaning their aquarium caused their problems, which usually is not true. Maintaining an adequate KH between cleanings is important. The deposits are a form Wonder arogonite, polygluconate Calcium are others.

* The elimination of harmful elements. There are many toxins that can be introduced, the air or in other ways to get into the aquarium that are not easily measure.

* Rinse the bio-sponges, media, etc in the aquarium water not used (water). This includes filters sponge balls bio, media filters ceramic cartridge (cartridge filters should be cleaned more often than many aquarists think)

* Elimination of waste before it can go through the nitrogen cycle

* Control of algae growth

* All these reasons are based on 27 + years of professional aquarium maintenance with some major accounts in Los Angeles, CA


For cleaning your aquarium (freshwater or saltwater) a Gravel Vacuum attached to a siphon or recirculating filter works best. If you have a planted aquarium, I recommend the sand # 00 (3-5 cm) mixed with laterite or conditioned soil with gravel # 3 cm (2-3) on top. Should NOT vacuum the sand, as this tends to be absorbed across the way through a vacuum, and this also disturb the natural aerobic and anaerobic filtration going on in the substrate of the work done by bacteria and roots plants.

A new device that does both water removal and recirculation through a micron filter cartridge that is easy to clean is the Aquarium cleaning machines. This new device uses mag drive a motor protected to eliminate or recycle the water through a filter (or both). For changes of seawater, this device is saving money and protecting of fish. You can change the 20% of its water, then keep refiltering through the micron cartridge using the gravel vacuum collects the debris. This will saves having to use more salt for the biggest changes of water and boasts a healthy aquarium with less nitrate, as much of the debris removal from your system before it can pass through the nitrogen cycle (adding to the levels of nitrates).

By Carl Strohmeyer

Aquarium Cleaning; Reasons and Methods for Water Changes

DIY aquarium filter idea #1

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