Aquarium Heaters Fish

By · Monday, June 1st, 2009

Aquarium Heaters Fish
Heaters aquarium and tropical fish?

I'm getting farmers live 2 endler, 3 jumbo neon tetras, 3 tetras head and tail light, 2 neon tetras black and 2 sets Plattier Mickey Mouse. I'm getting in a tank of 29 gallons. (He decided against a small aquarium for anyone who read my previous questions.) They say the temperature for fish are between 62 and 84 degrees for some and 68 to 72 degrees for the others. I have a tank heater, but I think that is heated between 78 degrees and 82 degrees (which is the lowest and highest) Would be better to just one room tempurature? after 24 hours of solid 66 degrees. (No near doors, windows, fireplaces. The only thing is that we have radiant heating in our soils, but soil is a thick final table.) Should use the heater or not?

Use the heater! Carriers can survive living in the 66th, but the Tetras will quickly die. The fish are the only endlers low actual temperature in that group, but they can live well in the 78F. So set it at 78 and everybody happy. I would add to the carriers first live and let the cycle of the tank, then add the tetras later when the tank is running smoothly. Good luck and good move to get a good size tank, it does make life much easier. Ian

Comrad the papa betta fish & his albino cory babies 12 gallon Eclipse aquarium

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