Aquarium Install Kit

By · Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Aquarium Install Kit
How do I install my tank's puppet?

We have a beginner aquarium kit today's children. Is the tank, light, filter, air, food and puppet. However, there are no instructions with the filter or bubbler. I have the filter up and running, but the puppet (of the same product line) does not seem to have any place to connect. Should be connected to the output filter, or we are missing any piece of equipment?

You must have an air pump for the puppet. If the tank did not come with an air pump can usually pick up a little under $ 10. Just know that they can be a little noisy. Also, if you have a filter that is not necessary a puppet – which are really just for decoration in the tank that way.

Aquarium Sponge Filter Installation-2

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