Aquarium Pond Pump

By · Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Aquarium Pond Pump
What should I do to bring my goldfish pond for the winter?

I have to keep my goldfish in a pond that was preformed in winter. How do I create an aquarium. Do I need an air pump? Do I have to let the water (My house is in a well) to sit for a week before putting in fish? Do I need a heater? Thanks

My mom has a pond, and every winter establishing a special heater in your pond. bought at a pet store or Walmart. does not melt the plastic in the pond and keeps fish alive all winter. the pond does not freeze. We live in Indiana and my Mom never had a problem with the fish heater. There is a fish in the pond that has survived 5 winters! fish "cold" at the bottom of the pond and eat the algie, you have to feed them during the winter because of failure to reach the summit. You do not have to put them in an aquarium if you do not want, they will survive in the pond, if you just bought the heater safely. My mom's house is in a good too. you do not have to let the water stand for a week. Just get used to the temp. Hope this helps! – Laura Kay

DIY Pond Filter

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