Aquarium Powerhead Pump

By · Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Aquarium Powerhead Pump
75 gallons, Suggestions?

So I have an aquarium part of South America biotype. This is what I thought (note that pH is 7.0, hardness is 3, and nitrate is .25 ppm): 5 angelfish 10 bleeding heart tetras 6 fish marble ax 4 RAM dwarf Rainbowfish Bolivian 6 otos 7 What Coolie loaches 4 what do you think? Check out the website of my aquascaping: … With landscaping, water will have a trunk tree 8 "x 7" x 12 "underground caves and some Java Moss. The filter is a Maxi-Jet Pump / Pump Model 900 (230 gph) and a filter cartridge a 180gallon. Then I have a heater. I also have a fluorescent bulb and a bulb of the plant under a hood. Then I have all my stuff to clean the tank. Eat me fish to the variety of things including live and frozen foods and not worry about the food section.

U Got It looks like this down to a t. … Tho have had 5 or angels in a tank? and if the food is not a problem since ISH aggressive semi everyone is trying a dragon goby (and yes you can live so well in cool as they do in brackish water brackish Tho mite be a little better …. pacus also is a fish red belly fun while u do 10-20% water change every two weeks to sustain growth and give it Alge Homon wafers to get any taste of blood from his mouth

DIY Pond Filter 2nd part

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