Aquarium Water Filter

By · Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Aquarium Water Filter

Like all the habitats of animals, fish tanks and aquariums must be at a certain condition to provide a healthy environment for its inhabitants. With In order to do this, fans should keep the water in the tank clean and make sure that no harmful elements contaminate the water.

The filtering process and the use of filters in a freshwater aquarium is part of their configuration and must be taken into account in the purchase of materials. Before spending your money on filters for your fish tank, make sure you know what you should buy and what is the best value for your money.

Freshwater aquariums have three main types of filters: biological, mechanical and chemicals. Biological filters are most effective in reducing toxic waste. Mechanical filters are good at keeping water free of dust and dirt. Chemical filters, for its part, labor and the elimination of dirt dissolved in water. These filters get rid of dirt that can not be removed by mechanical filters and help prevent water from turning yellow over time.

These are the biological filters may consider getting your aquarium:

 · Sponge Filters allow water to pass through a very porous sponge where the bacteria can grow. The sponge can not be cleaned or dried as this will kill the bacteria that functions as a filter. Sponge filters work in a mechanical way, partly from sponge traps the earth and rubble.

 · undergravel filters are most popular with biological filters. These work by pulling water into the gravel on the bottom surface and bring it back up (cleaning and filtering) through Lifting tube.

 · Canister Filters have baskets or containers for various filtering methods. You could use the media, such as bio balls to fill the container and water filter. However, once the bacteria have built, will have to clean or remove these.

Some filters mechanic can find water in the market are:

 · Power Filters and Canister filters clean water by passing it through pleated cartridge or some type of dental floss. Some cartridge filters provide a container or basket that lets you insert a filter medium of their choice. Others have multiple containers that allow combining biological, mechanical and chemical filters of your choice.

 · diatomaceous earth filters Polish water by removing debris as small as 3 microns in size. Which are available in cartridge filters and mechanical work. Unfortunately, these things block after a short period of time so you do not recommend constant use.

The following is a list of chemical filters can be useful in creating your tank:

 · Activated Carbon is a common choice of filter used in cans and filters power. It has tiny pores that trap a large amount of chemicals, clean water and what is safe for living organisms,

 · Ammo chips are excellent in the removal of ammonia, which is very harmful to fish

 · Nitra-Zorb removes nitrates

 · Phos-Zorb to remove Phospat

Froilan Ong and his partner Jason Ryan is the owner of Freshwater aquarium center. Jason Ryan is an aquarium enthusiast and loves to collect freshwater fish. For more detail information on how to set up the right Freshwater Aquarium Filter , visit

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