Bio Filter Fish

By · Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Bio Filter Fish
How many days of ammonia dose taken by 10 ppm if all estableshed bio filter bacteria added to Aquar new?

Im testing each 6 hours, without changing the water, feeding the fish 4 times a day, cover the medicated fish if their is any diseased with general support, added 2 filter sponge extra air pump.

0 ppm of ammonia, nitrites 0 ppm, nitrates 10 ppm = tank cycle. Why are you trying to increase the ammonia? The fish will do it naturally. Do not feed 4 times daily, once, even on alternate days. Please Do small water changes, they will end up dying of poisoning ammonia. And why add medications to prevent the disease? That what we are doing are going to die anyway, drugs are a kind of point discussion at this time. Sounds like you did a little research on the cycles of a tank, or someone explained it, but I do not think you're getting. Try to do more research. Read about how to cycle a fish tank and even read about making a dry cycle.%% Http:// 20fish 20tank http://www.aquariacentral. com / EDIT: I just read your post on the addition other bio bacteria and sponges. Bio-Spira is really the only good. Cycle and Stress Zyme are shit, and usually the bacteria is dead and unused. Hopefully using the Bio Spira. But I still do not understand why you need the ammonia up, if there's fish in the tank?

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