Canister Aquarium Filter

By · Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Canister Aquarium Filter
Does a 2213 Eheim filter cartridge filter should be sufficient for the 75 gallon tank of cichlids?

The filter specifications are size Aquarium – 66 gallons of output pump – 116 gallons per hour filter traffic – 103 gallons per hour judging by the size of tank no. The results are what I was confused. Currently I have 3 Whisper 30-60 filters. perhaps 2 of the cartridge and filter? and I have two heads of power and to move water around.

Want a filter that circulates the water several times per hour. So the fact that they only distribute 103 gallons per hour and 75 gallon tank I would recommend a filter more big. If you choose a filter that water flows only 1.5 times the time you would need some other filter media or leave it to clean the tank and not change the water all the time to keep it clean.

DIY Mini Canister Filter

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