External Aquarium Filter

By · Sunday, March 8th, 2009

External Aquarium Filter
How do I start my external filter fish tank?

I am sitting here really confused, I've just connected my external filter for my aquarium 4 feet and cannot get the thing to strart! all connected to your right (1 tube to suck water from seeping undernaeath tank and another on the other side to let out the water), only is the water without moving, thinking maybe air lock, but how can I get rid of it, any suggestions would be great

If you follow the instructions perfectly, it should work. What brand are you? Does that make any noise at all? Thank you may want to check: – Power (Is it plugged in?), Try to plug in, it worked for me once. – Are there any links or bent, and the tubes 2? (there should be no. — Is "consumer" mouth below the required depth? – Is the "exit" mouth above the required height? – Is the filter closed properly? – Did you press in all the locks needed? Usaually, there are 2 on top of the filter, one of the best of the other. One of ensuring filte, r one to ensure the tubos.-Fill water conditioning. There is usually a pull-trigger to help fill the ample air in the filter with water from the aquarium. Finally … If all of these and the manual does not help, please sending. It really can be faulty, after all:)

How to set up the Tetratec EX700 external filter

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