External Cannister Filter

By · Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

External Cannister Filter
Hello, I bought an external Jinlong filter cartridge and I'm sure if it's working correctly?

Do you intend to see the water flowing through the pipes, are the bubbles of the intention to leave at any place, I have a bubble of air and water is only trickling through the pipeline and I do not know how to get him.

Hi, I've never used a Jinlong, but overall the first time that the first car or a container of water, you'll have a bubble of air (usually makes an annoying buzzing noise in the bottle) First of all, make sure faucets are on the right track (Sounds silly, I know) he can attempt to seize power in a couple of time to shake off the drive, try to keep the bottle at an angle to the bubble can find their way out. You may have to purge it again. Also check that the filter cover its water – you need to cycle the total volume of water 3 times per hour. (eg. for a 200L tank, which would need a filter 600L / h) Otherwise take back to where you brought it, and ask for a hand. Occasionally you can get a crack in the container, or a faulty driver. Best of Luck Meg

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