Filter Koi Fish

By · Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Filter Koi Fish
How do I clean my Koi fish tank?

I have a 29 gal. tank with glass beads on the bottom, and a few plastic plants. I also have a bio-filter wheel 150. The tank has only 2 koi that are only about 3 inches long each. When I started the water tank using osmosis reverse and let the filter run for a week before adding fish. The day after adding the fish, the water became very cloudy. For my brother "s (the fish "experts") instructions, I did not do anything or add water treatments. He said the conference eventually bio clean water, which only had to "cycle". Well after a couple of weeks the water does not disappear for 2 days. Now it's so gross looking you can not even see the fish. What can I do. The tank is not in sunlight and have no fish to eat. What am I doing wrong? Betta my daughter (who was in a different tank) just died after living for 4 years, and she wants a Koi to add to my tank. But I need to get clear water first.

Koi ponds require large well run, that will always be struggling to maintain quality of the water in the tank of 29 gallons. Establish that apart Do you have a siphon gravel vac? Use it to clean dirt from the bottom and make a large water change of 50%. DO NOT REMOVE all the water and cleaning up as you lose all the ammonia and start eating bacteria in the tank bike everywhere. Sure that fresh water is dechlorinated and the same temperature as the tank water. Make another 30% water change about 3 days later then 20-30% changes weekly.


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