Fine Filter Pad

By · Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

Fine Filter Pad
Additional filtering of the Goldies?

Can you use green pills or blue scrubbie the kitchen behind the filter cartridges regular additional filtration in a freshwater tank? (55 gallons, 4 praying and Ranchu) I have 4 filters regularly in that at all times, but wondered whether the addition of these cushions are made cartridges last longer by capturing most of the land in the first place? or charges, is there something similar can be used as extra backup? My goldfish is well water, have no probs, curiosity … I've learned about keeping fish just by reading the answers here!

I wouldnt-get generally anti-microbial chemicals in the sponge, and chemicals to keep it moist in the package so that it does not crack.

Setting up my 100 (120 us) gallon tank

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