Fish Pump Wave

By · Friday, December 4th, 2009

Fish Pump Wave
Can my marine tank can be for 2 days without a skimmer and filter???

Hello, I have a marine tank, and my electric was 7 hours at night Tuesday, thank God my 2 fish has yet to die, but I broke one mariSys aqua 240 filter / skimmer spent a whole day trying to fix it but no luck: (so I bought a new tank, which includes everything but cannot get here until Saturday 1st November 08 or Monday, 3 pm, I've still has the heater, light, the pump (to make waves in the water) and I've got an air pump and filter small so far, I've checked the water and salt, pH, etc … is well to the MO, asked my fish can until it is ?????? Thanks, thanks to the jewel of these two answers, just received an email that my tank should be here tomorrow, Saturday, I will keep my eyes and in the water and make sure everything is what its supposed to be.Everything of the filter has been cleaned, if thats what you mean? thanks

Sounds like you're doing everything right to try to keep the tank to go until the new arrives. Just keep a close eye on the parameters and do not feed if you can help to try to stop any problem of ammonia from waste. Do small water changes if necessary. When you move, you to return to keep an eye on the parameters in the tank again and try to prevent cycling, has managed to preserve the old filter media age filter?

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