Fish Tank Ultra

By · Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Fish Tank Ultra
Fighting fish (betta) and blue sheep.?

I just bought a fish and fight against it a very handsome man. I put in my tank that has a ram blue, a catfish and 4 Corys bristlnose. Theres also four baby guppies bout 3 months. I did this because the 1 liters tank isn't ready yet. Now it's been 3 nights since I got there and he seems happier than ever! So we ask is im … here goes … Has anyone else EVER USED AS FIGHTERS fish to the Community? And if it has worked well? I just want to know why hes always so placid and fighters are being Liitle bowls and things, because nature does not "bad." Mine is a soft betta, it does not even flare my RAM. the IVE only problem is that I had to turn the filter down to ultra low that can 'float' peacefully. Anyway, thank you all. Also tell me about his fighters, bowl / tank size, partners, Thanks woodchipper890 etc., due to his kind words i think ill keep it in the tank instead of 1 cup gal. Angel

I have raised and bred bettas for over 7 years and all I had never done very well in community tanks. The only time I had problems was when I put the betta with angelfish, gouarmis, cichlids, etc. Virtually any fish that were aggressive or a clamp end. As it stands now, I only have a few males. I have them in tanks of different sizes, and one only recently obtained a 5-gallon tank by himself with a heater and a filter. The others are in community tanks throughout the house and have been doing well for years. I have my bettas mixed with swordtails community of Cory, neons, guppies, small fish, etc. Almost all types of fish to the docile Community can own. And bettas add plenty of color and contrast of the tanks also. I wouldnt add any other bettas with it, however, or their docile betta could adopt an approach to something nice betta and kill and kill again. I would like if he could stay in the tank much more than entering into a bowl. So if possible, stop there. He will love you forever if you do! Take care and good luck.

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