Hand Held Reverse

By · Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Hand Held Reverse
Is it correct to assume an individual is in a lower socioeconomic status simply based on their race?

Affirmative action is discrimination versa. It is simply to deliver opportunities to people based on race and gender, and assuming that they could not get the same education and employment by own. It is a scandal. It is also the assumption that people who already hold positions ie the administration of the school authority and hiring managers, will undoubtedly prejudices and do not want to hire someone based on race or gender and should therefore be obliged to hire a contingent of these people. I'm disagree with the law of employment discrimination, but affirmative action is on the line.

There is no such thing as reverse discrimination. Very term implies that only minorities are able to discriminate. Anyway, to me, all affirmative action is wrong. This means that a group of people who are not sufficient to achieve on their own. I refuse to believe that. Read Freakonomics. This is the race and the schools a bit. It's interesting.

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