Hqi Metal Halide

By · Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Hqi Metal Halide

Building a nano reef aquarium seemed to go against everything I had learned many years ago when I had a reef aquarium of 180 gallons. How could keep the water parameters stable enough to live corals house with a small tank? I have read some articles on this subject and decided give it a try. Also decided to keep SPS corals, which appeared more than an attempt doomed to failure. I bought the current Aquapod aquarium with 24 liters to 150 14.000 watts k HQI metal halide and 6 of each of the lights of blue and white moon. A separate head of small power is installed and comes in twice a day to change the flow of water.

I started with the creation of the aquarium and salt water mix. Then I added a two inch layer of live sand and let it settle before restarting the pumps. After running for three days, water rinsing and wanted to add the live rock. The beauty of a nano reef aquarium that is, not has a lot of live rock to fill the tank. After running the tank for a week, I checked the water quality for nitrates and pH level. It was time that the fun adding corals, fish and invertebrates. For the next month, gradually began to add up AragaMilk the calcium level of 450 ppm.

I've been running the tank for 2 1 / 2 months and SPS corals are already showing signs of growth. The coralline algae has a very good and colors are also showing signs of growth. I had to remove one of the live rock to accommodate some of the coral at the top. It's easy to keep up with weekly water changes and does not cost much as the change only 2 1 / 2 gallons per week. I buy distilled water for water changes and topping off evaporated water. At $ 64 per gallon, which no longer has to buy a water purifier reverse osmosis for water changes.

Nano reef aquariums are ideal for SPS coral fragments. Attatched to the fragments of the live rock, I use Marineland Hold Fast, which is a two-part epoxy like plumbers epoxy. The tail quickly be covered by coralline algae and the coral itself. Many SPS corals reefs now leaving aquacultered ocean natural preserved.

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24 gallon aquapod with 150 watt metal halide lighting

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