Jebo Aquarium Fish

By · Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Jebo Aquarium Fish
How long does a course take?

I got a new 55-gallon aquarium. Planning for the setup of a reef tank. How does a complete cycle usually? I have a sub aquarium setup for my sump, and a jebo 950 filter for use in my main tank. I all fish put together? IM planning to take anemones, corals, live rock, clown fish and corn.

I must be according to wera66200. I do not want to offend their skills Fishkeeping. However, I have asked some very basic questions which leads me to think you're a beginner fishkeeper level. Success reef aquariums are best reserved for experienced hobbyists. An exception to this is if you plan on having a service set up aquarium, stocks and maintain your tank. Of course, how am I supposed to learn to care for marine tanks, unless they try? Start small …. find a sea fan your area. Most likely, it's a specialty store in your area with a person on staff knowledge. Consult an expert on how to proceed with an aquarium set reef running. Looks like you will have a tank a nice day …. My recommendation is to start slowly and allow yourself to be "supervised" by someone who is an amateur, experienced sailors! good luck!

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