Jebo External Aquarium

By · Thursday, October 15th, 2009

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Please tell me about Jebo Canister?

Guys what is the difference of each model of cartridge Jebo aquarium external filter? Can you explain about the specifications or something like that thanks Jebo boat?

I have a Odyssea CSF4 which is almost the same as the filter jebo 838 4 stages. The inner trays are cheaply made, so be careful with it, but work very well and quiet. Usually come with all the filter media you need. Good luck finding spare parts however. But if you're careful with it, you do not need, and by the time it takes out, just get a new one (this is why they are so cheap) They say that are rated at 350 GPH, but after adding in your head height (distance from the top of the filter of the floor to the top of the tank is filtered), it seems about half. However, cartridge filters, a little slower the flow is not as bad as if it was a type filter Hob. They say they can filter up to 90 liter tank. I bought mine a gallon to 55 and accompanied by an emperor 400. The difference in models is the number of filter stages, and clolor case. I think 838 and 828 are the 4 stage filters, only two different colors. I remember the 3 stage model numbers.

OberMega Nano Aquarium: Monstriatnicheg (35L)

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