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By · Saturday, November 28th, 2009

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What do you think about this filter? tell me the disadvantages and the positive aspects of it. I know it's unsightly, but I mean besides that. You can keep fish like angelfish with this?

Sorry to say this, but stay away from that filter! lol. Marineland makes very high quality, reliable filters (with good collateral) for the same price. Jebo seems to matter the bad news. And I agree with the minimum of 30 gallons and good filtration. Always get bigger than you can handle and NEVER skimp on filters. EVER lol. Angelfish You will love you for it and will spend much less aggravation. 🙂 Happy fish keeping! Http: / / forward window. retail stores and small shops across the country have for many products Marineland. Enjoy the game;)

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