Koi Pond Aquarium

By · Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Koi Pond Aquarium
Koi fish aquarium views .. please?

Yes, I know there are fish in the pond … but I absolutely love these fish. I live in New York, so I have a pond. But I'm ready to move into a loft and I have more than enough room for the aquarium of appropriate size, I have my aquarium: 2 Koi Koi 2 Butterfly I'm sure I will have no more than 4 Koi fish in the aquarium .. As for tankmates, I maybe more about: 4 Calico Shunbunkins 4 Comets 4 Rynkin 2 Moors 5 What Veiltails recommended tank size for these fish? Feel free to provide any advice .. Thanks in advance

I have three koi between 4 "and 7" long I have a 55 gallon aquarium at home, and do very well. They have been there for 18 months without problems. I also have 15-20 koi from 6 "and 24" I have an outdoor pond, and the truth, the only difference is that the interiors are growing much more slowly. Apart that, they are so active, people-oriented, healthy, etc. In fact, my insides are probably more healthy because I'm constantly fighting the parasites introduced by birds to visit and swim in the aquarium like me, with the pond! I recommend the website koivet.com – I trust this site a lot to diagnose and correct problems, etc, and Koi are very dirty, destructive fish. They love to tear off the gravel plants, etc, and eat almost any living plant trying to grow there. The greatest crisis also snails. This is a precautionary measure I would recommend to take if you decide to put in an aquarium koi-that little gravel. Koi have been known to choose the pieces of land to suck algae and other bugs away, only to swallow the stones and make them stay in the gills (this can kill if not treated immediately). Thus, gravel must be sufficiently small relative to the size of the fish to pass through their gills without problems. And make sure you have filtration adequate water – in the past I have run a biowheel but recently changed to a penguin. You can even consider more of filtration, because safeguarding water quality is the number one good thing you can do for your fish. Feed a good quality of pellets no koi – flakes, and fill with green leaf lettuce, sliced melon, orange, etc. Even small pieces of bread wheat or Cheerios that is good for koi. And having said all that, I think I would pass the suggested tank mates. Get along very well when they are the same size, and you do not have to worry about eating koi goldfish young – about 10 "is above the minimum spawning size for koi and water temperature also plays a role. Once the eggs hatch, the adult koi do not eat anything that is recognizable as a fish – as soon as their children (or any other youth) becomes at least an inch long or less, they would be well with much larger koi. Goldfish are not as picky, however – Young koi ate. In addition, the Moors and veiltails, etc, are made to float over and look pretty – koi can sometimes be very energetic and acrobatic swimmers, and could highlight some of the more "loose" swimmers as the moors. My final reason against goldfish is that compared housing with koi, are simply fools. Koi are very friendly, trainable fish. Having koi fish would never color – not nearly as easy or trainable. Moreover, koi tend to choose a "queen" (I think sometimes can be a king, but we have always done with the queens) – the dominant fish and others seek to follow, etc If you get a good, people-oriented, intelligent and Queen koi, koi all follow his example. If you get a silly, shy, goldfish as the queen, her koi will not live up to their potential and being shy and awkward, too, like the goldfish. Anyway, that's something worth my bit " Fish like a guardian for a long time and afficianado koi (both interior and exterior). I say go for it – I think it will be fine if you start slowly and do not get too many fish for your tank, too fast, and keep all the koi, if that's the direction it will go. Hope this helps.

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