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By · Friday, October 30th, 2009

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I am looking for a filter for my betta aquarium small, is about 3 gallons. I was told that sponge filters are a good filter here but also told about under gravel filters. There are also differences in brands?


Sponge filters Excel as small tank or container of filters, which fit perfectly into small spaces and are cheap to own and maintain. For a betta, there is no better filter in my opinion. Are bio filters excellent and good mechanical filters in small aquaria.
In fact, a sponge filter is probably the best option for the reproduction of the filtration tanks, Betta tanks or containers, hospital tanks, aquariums and even disco, due to the fact that not "sucks" as a baby or weak fish or attract bacteria harmful.

Sponge filters are one of the best biological (and unfortunately in most of those evaluated) filters in the hobby that is often driven anecdotal evidence. One myth, Bio Wheels and Wet Dry filters are superior to the sponge filter is not true when moving from theory to actual testing and testing
In Theoretically, the added oxygen or dry and wet bio wheel filters is great, but in practice the filter pipe dry and wet deposition accumulation Bio Wheels reduces surface bacteria, while the fact is that with adequate dissolved oxygen levels in fish should be more than enough for a sponge filter healthy diet to maintain proper bio colonies. I have tested it side by side with sponge filters in my service business and the sponge filters out the bio wheel when measured ammonia peak.

As for under gravel filters, there are credits for small bowls or small tanks, but they take more maintenance than sponge filters (debris tends to collect under the plaque). UGFs are harder to clean in smaller tanks, such as those that best maintains the vacuum, which is difficult in small bowls or tanks.

The sponge filter brand I recommend is the Hydro sponge filter by ATI (Lust), which possess the best patents for sponge filters and have plenty to prove patent infringement. The material used by Hydro sponge sponge can trap more aerobic nitrifying bacteria (for ammonia, nitrite extraction) than its closest rival. I have used many others (including homemade) and are not the same.

A good place to purchase these filters is American Aquarium Products- Sponge Filters.

For a more in depth article about sponge filtration see: Sponge filtration; How sponge filters work and the benefits of using sponge filters in aquariums and ponds

By Carl Strohmeyer

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