Magnetic Drive Aquarium

By · Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Magnetic Drive Aquarium
What type of magnetic drive pump that I need for a 120 gallon tank?

Right now I have a 5 MAK magnetic drive pump connected my aquarium. It is very old and I am looking for new one. What would it take for a 120 gallon tank? And what do all these terms represent as GMP, Foot of the head and the ISP. If anyone has some links with some information that really appriciate it.

Did you mean: pump, 5 Gen X Mak external? mag 5 or a submersible pump?? If it is a lagoon pool submersible pump is the best bet. GPM coincide with your existing pump or go bigger. If external searches the line of succession of bombs. Gpm = gallons per minute or foot head pressure in the head by the foot … Most pumps do not pump water well UP. The head pressure is the amount of pump flow lost per foot of height of the pump has to push. PSI is pounds per square inch. Some industrial pumps require PSI boost so many normal schedule 40 PVC can not be used, 80 would be necessary. These pumps do not exist in the aquarium hobby itself. If the pump is external you can make your life easy to make sure it fits your pipes. Mak uses small pipes and if that is the case you're looking at a Iwaki pump, or pump Generation X. Both are good, but uses more electricity than bombs sequence. If a pond is the pond submersible pump is very flexible, which comes with all external adapters of different sizes in a sequence of pump submersible pump Laguna pond.

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