Maker Cups Holder

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Maker Cups Holder

If you want to test coffee in a whole new way, try it with a French press pot of coffee. Most people are used to their coffee is manufactured in a manufacturer electric coffee maker coffee Mr. LA. This method has a defect in the process of brewing that takes away from true essence of coffee filter paper. The document retains some of the essence of coffee, and deprives you of the true potential of coffee. Of course, we can not dump the coffee ground into a cup, pour in hot water and start drinking, the reasons should be separated from the liquid you drink. Coffee grounds are bitter, gritty, and stick to the teeth. The French press method eliminates the reasons, but allows the full flavor of coffee comes to life.

Although French Presses come in different shapes, sizes, materials and manufacturers, the Bodum Chambord model is a good example of a style pervasive throughout the sector. The handle attaches to the holder for the glass carafe. The pitcher have coffee and hot water. The pitcher is like a glass of a chemistry lab, with a spout for easy pouring. The "pressure" of the press apparatus French sits atop the vessel. It consists of a dome that covers the coffee as it is made. The plunger is a thin metal pole with a plastic ball at the top that slides through a small hole in the center of the dome. At the bottom of the post is the filter, a wire mesh disc.

A Quick note about the ingredients. A cup of coffee is made from coffee beans and water. Therefore, start with freshly roasted whole beans ground just before brewing. Whole grains retain their freshness twice as long as the ground coffee. The water is so important: make sure it is cold, cool, and filtered.

Assume a 12 oz cup is being prepared. Use of 1-1 ½ tablespoons whole grain mill to establish its side. This produces the largest possible reasons, and allows water to extract the maximum flavor from coffee. It also reduces the number of small reasons that will end at the bottom of the cup.

Dumping ground coffee in the jar. Before adding hot water, take a moment to breathe in the scent of dry coffee. The aroma of freshly ground coffee will lead to a better place.

Next, warm water (12 ounces). The optimal brewing temperature is 195-205 F. If you do not have a thermometer, simply bring water to boil and Wait thirty seconds.

Pour water in the beaker and stir for a few seconds. This stir the mixture and allow the coffee to prepare more fully. Place plunger apparatus of the bottle, but not depressed. Set a timer for four minutes. This amount of time that allows all the flavor and oils that are extracted seamlessly from the cafe.

Four minutes press the plunger, then pour the brewed coffee in your cup.
Look in the coffee before adding seasonings. Coffee seems more complex (richer) than it is produced in a coffee maker. There will even be a thin layer of foam cream (light brown) resting on top of the liquid. Put your nose close to the cup and breathe the aroma. The smell is stronger, purer than if the coffee is by a paper filter. Coffee flavor before adding sugar etc. At the end of the glass you will notice some of the waste. These are the reasons just micro he did through the filter mesh.

You can buy French Press that double as travel mugs. There are also double-walled glass and steel units stainless and heat. Some are beautifully crafted and seem to museum pieces. The reason for this is that the coffee made in this way is the height of the Experience of coffee brewing. So if you like your coffee, you owe it to yourself to buy a French press and make the best tasting coffee in the easiest way possible. Prices start around $ 13 per two-cup (12 oz.) Unit.

Brent Kloster is co-owner of Falls River Coffee, which sells fresh roasted coffee, loose leaf tea, and brewing equipment online at

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