Media Filter Bag

By · Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Media Filter Bag
What if you stop cartridge type filter tank?

I have a small aquarium in Nice and used a Bio-Bag filter cartridge type and size i used was the small size of the small filter, but every pet store and I went to PetSmart, Petco, independent businessess, not lead, which only leads to large and medium size which are too large. So I figured that the size i want is supposedly a discontinued model. I want to keep the aquarium, but I want to buy a new filter that absorbs most of the aquarium. Are there alternatives? What is the smallest filter that could be used works and I could easily replace the parts? I apologize for being lengthly in my talk, so if anyone has any ideas that can save my fish! Me love my fish and I will not give it away, any help is greatly appreciated !!!!!!!!!!

This is what I use in my tank-http: / / There is also a provision with the carbon, if you want to use it-http: / / These are actually a little cheaper than buying the which were made to adapt to where I live, so that's why they use ..

Filter Bag 101 Liquid Filter Bag Selection

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