Outlet Aquarium Air

By · Saturday, July 4th, 2009

Outlet Aquarium Air
Do I need a band valve settings to run two air?

OK here it is. I'm about to run my tank, I saw some people valves that direct the gang if they have a lot of airstones or air devices. I have two bars airstones i plan to run near the back of aquarium. I have my valves to keep water out my pump in place, and I have my two devices set to air my two outlets that I have no air pump, seems unnecessary. is? As I said I have two air vents and I'm just running the two bars airstones ….. OK, answer if you do not know! I need a person who has information intelligence on this!

If you are getting plenty of air movement without that you need not only for air stones and bars. Is more important to control the airflow if the filter leads airpumps plate … Protien skimmer or …. Yes, where also add more stones or a toy (diver micky mouse or something )…. is easier to adjust the air movement with a gang valve. However, to his previous description does not need one.

Aquarium Surge + Directional Control Demo

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