Pond Aquarium Powerhead

By · Monday, May 4th, 2009

Pond Aquarium Powerhead

Iwamae Plesiotrygon is a freshwater bay, commonly known as the Ray of the antenna, is the only member of the genus Pleisotrygon. Belong to the family and Potamotrygonidae the class Elasmobranchii, which is what belongs to the sharks. They reach about 22 inches long, this does not include the tail. Your distributionis top to bottom basin Amazon River, from Ecuador to Bela © m, Brazil, in the Napo SolimÃμes, Amazonas and Pará rivers.

The rays of the smaller antenna mouths of most of the other rays. Because of this, they eat black worms or tubifex worms. When young (under 10 inches) of this species have difficulty to eat, even night crawlers for the blood worms are smaller be better. Larger specimens will eat earthworms, pieces of squid or even the small paper feeder fish. The tail of the rays of the antenna is very sensitive and a sample of newly imported with a damaged tail is more likely to die. If your injury small towards the end of the tail there are good chances that heal but if it is near the base of the tail, which is rarely cured and finally falls, once this happens, the beam going to die. The cause of death likely caused by a bacterial infection in the blood flow through the tail.

These injuries often occur in transit, but in the aquarium also is likely to happen. The Powerheads intake pipes and are often the cause of compensation, but fish is also dangerous for them because the queue can get stuck in the network.

This group is best kept in a tank, no frills, bulky equipment or other fish. Gravel substrates can for this species, but the young must be kept in uncovered tanks to make it easier to fund food.

There is a type of antenna Ray called "Black Antenna Ray Tail. "This type seems to be less sensitive to lesions of the queue that the common antenna beam. This is the only freshwater species that normally corresponds Stingray to drive higher margin from the substrate, when in good health. (Not to be confused with the "death curl").
The reason to maintain its record is not so known.

The antenna Ray Black-tailed dwarf is a line even when adults have trouble eating anything larger than black worms, blood worms or tubifex. If you feed the worms live, before feeding to remove the substrate a bit to ensure that any surviving caterpillars eat before they colonize your tank.

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