Power Filter Flow

By · Saturday, March 14th, 2009

Power Filter Flow
What type of filter for use with 55 gallon?

I have little with the filters in the tanks of power and was considering an emperor 400 per gallon of 55, since it has two pumps, two wheels, and adjustable flow. But then I was reading and said cartridge filters are quieter and do a better work and is more customizable in terms of the types of filters. But can dirty filters to clean and difficult to "prime" (do not know what that means). Then I was considering a sink, which seems to be a lot of capital gains, while most (DIY) sinks looks bigger than my tank! Moreover, my tank is a metal support and not to hide anything and I would not look ugly PVC pipe unless it was really worthwhile. The value is important to me, but the price itself is not. If you have experience in keeping fish and a 55 gallon tank, please help me. Thank you.

If it were me, I would choose two filters external, one at each end of the tank. Increase the water is distributed and reduce "dead zones" in the tank. There is the added advantage of being able to change the filters intermittently rather than lose all the beneficial bacteria in one go. The exact brand you choose depends on what is available locally, but filters with a bio-wheel would be my choice. Sinks (and are great for refugiums marine deposits but do not work so well with fresh water tanks with less other forms benthic life so bacteria). A

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