Protein Skimmer Filter

By · Monday, August 17th, 2009

Protein Skimmer Filter

Aquarium keepers wondered how to stop algae in a saltwater tank and have tried, unsuccessfully, even after spending large sums of money in the process. This article will help you understand why the aquarium algae grows and what you can do to get rid of him in his marine aquarium for less money possible.

Firstly why algae grow in an aquarium

Algae growth is a natural part of any marine environment. When the algae grows is by using compounds that are harmful to delicate fish and other animals in your tank or the ocean. Basically acts as a line of defense and growth tells you something is out of control in your tank.

What makes it grow in my saltwater tank

The biggest contributors to algae growth in nitrates and phosphates, which come from various sources. Uneaten food and rotting fish is a aquarium algae important source of food such as fish waste.

Having for many fish in a tank is a common problem that leads to algae growth cause there is to lose much to the management system and levels of excess oxygen the fish hard and PH down. Low oxygen will also trigger the growth of seaweed and algae will be fueled by carbon dioxide.

What can I do to stop the growth of algae

First you must examine your system and see if it is saturated, if you have to remove enough fish to bring the system back into balance. Each tank of saltwater is different, but as a good rule smaller fish per 10 gallons is a pint of departure.

It should also reduce the amount of food you put in the tank and ensure that your fish will eat anything. The easiest way to accomplish this is to feed twice a day and all pumps shut off when the plug food, this will give the fish the best chance of eating all the food.

It should also enhance the maintenance of their saltwater tank, clean all equipment and filters more frequently. Also start using the purified water reverse osmosis or deionized water instead of full of tap water impurities.

Re scan your computer and make sure your protein skimmers and filtration units are working properly and have the right size for your system and the burden of their fish tank.

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