Rodi Filter System

By · Sunday, January 25th, 2009

Rodi Filter System
How much does a good RODI system and the amount of water it does "waste"?

How many gallons of water for the system to filter for a gallon of reverse osmosis deionized water?

A trade that could provide water for municipal waste water 100 times more incoming and out. So your 1 gallon of drinking water would take 100 gallons of brackish water input. The systems that produce a considerable amount of water are very expensive as the replacement filters and qualified workers to run successfully. It is a great solution if you have a lot of brackish water, but performance will not be cheap. I I do not nubmbers front of me, but they move outside the RO casual category in the "I better have a good reason for going that way" category. If you were on a coast and the Gulf of Mexico, where a well of good quality water produced was impossible but there was an unlimited supply of brackish water that would be worth is worth an analysis. Most applicants from other waters begin to surface and groundwater ..

RO/DI water filter system

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