Sterilizer Built Pump

By · Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Sterilizer Built Pump
UV sterilizer for my .. This pond is a good one?

I have a jacuzzi pool conversion … I have 4 koi … I still have green pond water .. I did a water change and put the barley in water in the pond, but turned green … He even built a pergola to give the pond some shade more … although seems not to be giving lots of shade … I think we need a UV sterilizer … I found this Jebo 9w UV sterilizer on eBay for 29.99 …. as it is a good … Google and make me know if I'll be wasting my time with this … I have two pumps and a weak biological filter. .. a bomb is used for aeration and the other is used for the filter Bio .. please help … im tired of seeing this green water.

with its pond and barley could be in good condition Maybe your filter chamber is too small and too slow to pump the pond water cycle. Try using both the pump to the filter. Holder koi and goldfish keeper. Http: / / / group / worldwidekoiclub /

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