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By · Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

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Problem with the excessive growth of algae in my aquarium?

Hello, I have over 7 years of experience with aquariums. Right now I think I have a problem you can not solve, but I have an idea. I have an aquarium of 125 gallons a month ago and the light bulb that comes with the hood dead, so I had to buy a bulb spare. Since I put that spare bulb in, it was not a green layer of algae on the rocks (including gravel) and sides of acrylic aquarium. I have a sterilizer UV in the aquarium, so I thought they would kill the most growth, but did not. So I bought another focus for the aquarium said it was not good for plants, and is doing the same thing. Is there any way to stop this? It brought light in the aquarium by more than 6-7 hours a day. HELP. In addition, algae can too much damage fish? Thanks

Heres is a guide of algae … sounds like it's time for a black out ….. total darkness for about 3 days can do the trick, and to kill all the spores of algae and then a change of 40% water .. Do not feed the fish, nothing. It is not blue-green algae is? a .. slimy little can pull up parts of it, that s really a bacteria .. be easy to fix, but an entirely different problem. Once again black with a prescription. Is your tank get indirect light from a window or something? Is there any food not consumed in the creation of high-nutrient water? keep up with a good agenda for change water? no matter what bulb you choose, using a bulb plants, without plants do not grow algae in the water and nutrients from lower same applies to the contrary. For plants algae to compete outside then needs nutrients for photosynthesis at the optimum level. That is what a 6700K bulb plant allowed to do. Get a bulb out of that spectrum and the position of plants. Some algae is a sign of a health tank, but theres many ways an excess of something in the water and these guys feed on it, but every cycle can be stoped with a blackout. Algae need some kind of light to survive. You would have to grow much they reached dangerous levels. Tell us .. good luck

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