Submersible Heaters Fish

By · Monday, February 1st, 2010

Submersible Heaters Fish

A fish tank heater is one of the best tools to help give the fish to the environment that it deserves. If you want your fish to live a long and healthy life, you should try to imitate their natural habitat (as far as possible). The saltwater and freshwater fish, the better in hot water that remains constant. Angelfish is an example of tropical fish. Cold water fish on the other side as Koi can survive without a tank heater. If the temperature in the tank is not well managed, can do a lot fish vulnerable to certain types of diseases such as ICH. Always pay attention to water temperature in the tank, especially during the season change.

When selecting a fish tank heater, do not go to the cheapest. We've all been there! Always get what we pay. Yes, you may have saved money now, but in the long term would have to spend more. Cheaper brands tend to break or malfunction in a short period of time. In addition, many alternatives Cheap does not have a precise heat setting. When it comes to fish welfare, you need something you can trust. I personally go to the mid-price heaters because no longer deliver and that did not hurt his pocket. Most brands have reliable thermostat controls and have the ability to maintain a constant temperature without make some adjustments at all time. Be sure to check your fish tank heater from time to time so you know it still works correctly and, of course, you wants to ensure accuracy.

Invest in a good thermometer that can stick to the glass outside so you know that your heater is working properly. I'm Floating thermometers suggesting they are often harder to read. You also have to put a thermostat that can respond to fluctuations temperature. The 3 types of fish tank heaters are thermo heater, Rod-type and depth of the heater. The first is a heater and filter conveniently integrated into a single device. The good thing about this heater is that water is clean and heated at the same time. The vertical rod is attached to the rear wall of the tank and may be waterproof or not. Read the user manual because it will tell you if you can immerse the heater or not. The last type, the bottom heater, heat comes with cables that are supposed to be situated in the bottom of the tank before adding the substrate. They are good for tanks of the plant but are rather at the high end side.

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