Submersible Pond Pump

By · Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Submersible Pond Pump
Any suggestions for a high efficiency submersible pond pump?

We previously discussed a Prima XL 3400. Now it turns on and off in the GFCI. Its feature: filter pump with a flow of 3 head 1000GPH makiit filters appropriate to carry up to 2500 liters capacity – maximum flow and head 1800gph maximum 15 The bomb was dry, when there was a power outage. Any suggestion that a pump that can handle some solids (thin sheet) and do not die when the water is out. Maybe it turns off automatically when no water. The pump is a waterfall waterfalls about 500 gallons of water in it. From 30 feet in length. About 3 feet tall vertical at the top to the bottom of the creek. High efficiency is a kick in addition to running 24 / 7

I got tired of these "pond pumps" that both paid for just because they are of a pond. I went to Ace Hardware, which have a great range of submersible pumps that are reasonably priced. I have a 1 / 2 horse pumps 2550 gph continuously. It's been going for three weeks without stopping. For $ 99.00 on sale.

Installing the Pump for Your Living Pond

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