Tank Aquarium Submersible

By · Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Tank Aquarium Submersible
Will my Chinese algae eater growth retardation in the two-liter tank.?

I know I keep saying its too small and should be transferred to something larger. Here's my rationale. This is a very active fish. Is your personality. that only sticks to one side of the aquarium all day. And then once in when it comes to scavenging food in the background and then returns to its place in the side of the tank behind the stove. (It's a plane heaters are fully submersible) I afraid that this trick will grow. I am a student of life in a dorm and have no space for a bigger tank. Currently, I am also keeping 5 white cloud minnows there. I know that CAE may be aggressive. so is my toast minnows. They are fast moving fish, so I was hoping the only CAE does not care. sources say. However, the average CAE is mature at 4.5 inches. There is still much room for growth in the tank of two gallons. I had to CAE for 3 years …. So I do not know why everyone is being so pessimistic.

It will die long before stunting becomes a problem. A 2 gallon tank is physically less than 2 liters, because the gravel and ornaments, the filter does not meet the bioburden and all fish will either die of poisoning by ammonia or jumping. Just as dead, no matter how you look.

30 Gallon Serpae Tetra Planted Tank Aquarium

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