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By · Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

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What would be an (economic), but good quality filter system for a tank of 110 gallons of fresh water?

housing tank is 2 X 1 "Jack Dempsy, 2 x 8" red belly pacu, 1 6 "parrotfish, and im considering adding 1 6" bristle nose Pleco fish, thanks for advance, oh yeah currently using 1 filter penguin Hangon nominal 75 liters and a penguin filter with bio wheel input of 50 liters, I just want a filter,,,, and not sure what's best hopes, boat, shelter?

The best most effective (and economical in the long run) is a "wet / dry sump. All you need is a "spillover" of some sort, a sump tank to serve, and a pump to function as the return system.Properly sorted out it is "bullet proof". The choice of the media are virtually limitless. There are all sorts of DIY for the design manifold Oil on the web …. Simply type in as "DIY sump filter" and you'll be busy for days of information classification.

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