Tank Protein Skimmer

By · Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Tank Protein Skimmer
I recently connected a new protein to ship my girl 46. SW tank and I have questions.?

I just wanted some general insite how fast should drink fill-up/maintenence? Should I let it run 24 / 7? Do greatl \ adversely affect levels cheimcal put in my reef inhabitants?

1) fill-up/maintenence? – Many variables affect this. Gourami mentioned the qualification of the skimmer (size compared to the size of tank), and that is certainly one. If you have a skimmer rated 50 gallon tank of 150 gallons would fill faster than one that is the appropriate size. A "large" skimmer (say a score of 100 gallons in a 20 gallon tank) also fill up fast. Some other things that affect that are the "age" of your tank, type / number / size of fish and other living organisms, and their eating habits – not enough time and materials to be removed, will fill more slowly. The specific gravity of salinity in the tank also has an effect, with higher salinity / SG fill the cup faster because they produce small bubbles (also why are not effective for freshwater tanks). They kind of skimmer that also differ in efficiency – those with a prefilter sponge that is a few inches below the surface skimmate not produced as much or as fast as a ship that uses a toothed plastic tube leading water from the water surface (in case of dissolution or small materials collected in the tank – they float and create a film on water surface). You can also change the type of skimmer at any time by adjusting the ratio of water intake and air flow causing them to run "wet" (fill the glass more fast) or "dry". I got mine at the top of the bubble column normally stays about 1 / 2 to 1 inch below the top Output in the collection container. Also, if you work in the new (or newly cleaned) can take a little time for skimmate to rise in the collector, but go faster in a few hours, so I always see it until you know the "habits" of their own so they do not overflow. From there, only I let them fill the cup at their own pace – this can vary from once a week to 2-3 times a week. But I know that people are not happy unless they are draining a full tank and almost every day. In your case, you would see a darker area at the bottom of his collection cup with clear fluid in the top. How can I have mine is a thicker green-gray liquid with some semi-solid Muck attached to the sides. So there are some personal preferance involved as well. My advice here would be to be as concerned with the time between urination and the quality of skimmate eliminated. 2) Should I stop running 24 / 7? I make with some exceptions noted in the next section. 3) Are greatl \ adversely affect levels cheimcal put in my reef inhabitants? Depends what to add. Calcium, iodine, etc. are not affected. If you add liquid "food" supplements like Biogold, invertebrates Smorgasboard, Navy snow, all have some of the components of amino acids and these can be eliminated. Turn off the slider to about 1 / 2 hour while feeding is reversed, and then turn it back to remove the reminder. Skimmers are also affected by some medicines. If you find it necessary to add anything to your tank (and with corals, you should be doing any medication in a separate tank), follow closely the bubbles inside the skimmer column to see if they start to increase – it may be necessary to keep the skimmer off during the duration of treatment.

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