Tds Meter Hand

By · Saturday, January 10th, 2009

Tds Meter Hand
PLEASE read TDS meters marine help?

I have a new ro filter, brand new filters, but filter it though DI. my tds meter readings are the water comes in 18.1 water leaving the filter has had about 17.2 ro run 12 gallons through it in total at most. I let it run for 10 minutes before taking the reading (to remove any water remaining in the filter shot from the last use, which should bring the water age within 10 minutes?) I brought the TDS meter was at second hand on ebay, I have not changed the batteries yet. ro machine is my shit? TDS meter or my bad? taking into account i havent changed the batteries but it could cause a false reading by the battries? Can I please help am new marina and wants to make sure I do this correctly for the sake of my fish when I get them. Thanks in advance for any help

Certainly will not hurt to change the batteries to see if it makes a difference. I doubt that does. For an RO unit to function properly, the water pressure should be 50 psi so it may be part of the reason you do not see a big difference in the TDS. However, many people have water that starts at more than 200 members but is starting with a TDS of 18.1.

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