Tetra Pond Filter

By · Monday, September 7th, 2009

Tetra Pond Filter

Koi keeping can be a difficult task due to its subtle nature and fragile. Above anything else of their health and welfare should be given greater importance. As both care of koi fish is an obligation that must be managed properly. It is essential for lovers and fans to be equipped with enough knowledge to keep his beloved pet fish in good condition.

The water quality in the pond a great influence on the overall health of the fish. It is therefore considered as the most crucial in terms of koi care. It is recommended to regularly check and monitor the pH, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates in the water at least once a week. However, for Newly constructed ponds, frequent monitoring is recommended because the water has not yet been fully stabilized. Care must also be paid the water temperature. An extreme fall or rise of water temperature can cause damage to the koi fish.

A good idea to always keep in mind is that water quality can not be judged by its clarity. Crystal clear water not always denote a healthy environment for your fish. The only way to test is by running of a water test.

Adequate nutrition is another critical factor that must be satisfied to meet the necessary food needed for growth and development. Koi keepers should be warned that the boost is very much discouraged. Wild carp have a good appetite and can eat almost anything thrown at them. It is best to control the amount of food that is given while feeding them, because they have the tendency to eat more than you intended.

Koi food ideal must contain essential amounts of protein that is necessary for tissue repair. The frequency of feeding depends on the schedule designated by his holder. Just remember not to give them more of what is required. Give them food in that spirulina is thought to have an effect in terms of increased color.

Proper installation of skimmers and filtration system is needed to keep water free from disease causing bacteria that can cause disease later. The surplus may accumulate above the water and if not cleaned can cause water pollution. It also reduces the flow of oxygen in the pond thus have a skimmer conveniently remove any accumulated debris on the water.

Regular maintenance of the lagoon is also essential in the care of koi fish. You should always give more time and effort to clean the filters and change the water when necessary. You may also want to consider adding drainage connected to the bottom of each filter so that sediment can be easily removed. Get out your way from time to time will ensure a healthy living space for your most prized koi.

Finally! Your questions answered, the Koi fish jargon demystified, the complex tasks made simple, quick, cheap and painless…
How to Care For Koi Fish.

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