Tetra Whisper Air

By · Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

Tetra Whisper Air
Getting a ten gallon tank .. fish?

Im getting 10-gallon fish tank for tropical fish .. i plan on getting some neon tetra and some other things .. only a couple of questions .. 1.Do tropical fish (such as tetra) need a heater in the tank? And not only the heat heater automatically water at the proper temperature? 2. I was the only treatment they need water Aquasafe Tetra water conditioner? No salt or anything like that? These are all the supplies and things im order: -10 liters of tank and filter Whisper power light (20-30gal)-Whisper The air bubbler, and stone, gravel and ornaments (artificial plants, houses ..) – (((i-HEATER Tetra water conditioner ???))) AquaSafe really want people to respond only if they have experience with tropical fish and have some tropical fish in a healthy 10 gallon tank .. and if you have any tips please add:) thank you very much

Lot of good answers, so not much to say. If you're going to keep neon, no salt. The best we can do for yourself is to be patient and cycle your tank properly. Make it part and get good results. Rush or skimp on it, and you are installing for the failure or the death of his tank. This is the best and clearest statement I've found ……… http://www.fishlore.com/fishforum/freshwater-beginners/19627-ammonia-instructions-fishless-cycle.html

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