Ultra Violet Sterilizer

By · Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Ultra Violet Sterilizer
How do you sterilize tattoo needles and equipment properly?

I have a UV sterilizer, but I'm sure I will have to do else. Wash, scrub, soak in Bleach, sodium metabisulfate, denatured alcohol? I do not know and want to know! Please help, please, just answers serious!

You need an autoclave. Scrub with soap and water pipes first – then you need to put in an autoclave bag and sterilize that way. Check e-bay or Craig's List – probably can find at a reasonable price. It looks much like a pressure cooker – but the pressure is higher than that used for cooking – most of them can be used on your stove at home, or can be plugged in. Tattoo needles should only be used once and then disposed of in the container – can found anywhere through medical supplies. UV sterilizer not working for tattoo equipment.

Episode 44 pt1, Installing an Ultra Violet Sterilizer, LA Fi

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