Valve All Plastic

By · Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Valve All Plastic
How can I prevent a new line radiator valve leak help!?

I'm trying to replace a radiator with a towel warmer. The system uses slightly flexible plastic tubes so I could remove the radiator and heated towel connect immediately and that the dimensions are similar. The problem I am having is with the tails of the valve with thread, everything seems to screw together OK and I use PTFE tape wound round the right way. Each time I turn on the purge valve leak and I'm getting nut from the valve to join the queue of the valve. I tried to do it again a couple of times, even with a new tail, but in vain. The nut does not seem to be the thread or break or anything. This is my heating project first, so I'm hoping that someone has some tips on how to get a better seal.

It is the loss of flooding out or simply a boat? My other half ', just installed the radiator first and found a boat, even after adding the PTFE tape … but as we were busy with other things, so we just left a plate under it … then after 4 days no new leaks, and apparently well now! Perhaps it's worth going out to see if you can "settle" if only a small boat …

Mitral Valve Repair of Fibroelastic Deficiency

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