Visi Therm Deluxe

By · Monday, October 5th, 2009

Visi Therm Deluxe
What is a submersible heater good? What do you suggest / recommend?

I have a 40 gallon tank width, with 2 ear sliders IR. Unfortunately I have to get another heater because the last time I had (for only a week) was broken. It was a Visi-Therm Deluxe 200 Watt. Wine really broke and could not raise or lower the temperature …. I could have turned the knob too hard or something, but the temperature was set at 74 and I used and was well. until suddenly one day I realized the heating does not work anymore. I do not know why. Perhaps my turtle bay jabbing broke too? Not sure. So now I have to get another heater and want to make sure this is good for a long time. What / you recommend? thanks for your time!

Such Once your turtle does not break it. Stealth is not glass so it would be best for your tank and off by itself if you take water and forget to unplug it. Here is a website that rates a couple of differnet models: At least should consider buy a heater guard, if you decide to buy another glass piece:

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