Visi Therm Stealth

By · Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Visi Therm Stealth
How does the thermostat?

I have a 50 watt heater that shuts off when water is at the desired temperature (79 degrees F). Then, the water is cooled again until it is turned back on, so that the temperature of the water ripples and the water is only half the desired temperature at the time. Is this normal? It is a Marineland Stealth Visi-Therm heater, which I've heard so much about being the most reliable heaters there, but I suppose it could be defective too. I could be wrong, because the hand feeling is not as accurate. I use a thermometer. Could only responses from people who have heaters.

That's normal. Doens't heaters to keep the tank at precisely the right temperature, will spend a higher degree or so, then shut down and then if he gets a grade 2 or less changes again. This practice upsets the fish as the temperature change is small and even in nature we receive this type of variation temperature (or more), naturally, between day and night. large temperature changes can interfere with the fish, but a few degrees does not care. So if the temperature remains between 77 and say 80 degrees everything is working well. If the temperature is fluctuating, then, then the thermostat could be defective (if it can happen) and respiratory problems. It is best to consult a thermometer, sometimes (often?) Inscription on the top of the heater are not very accurate and can be several degrees out. Measure the temperature of the real tank, heater and wind up or down to fit, ignoring the numbers. Ian

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