Water Pump Powerhead

By · Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Water Pump Powerhead
What can I do for my fish suffering from electrocution? Only the experts?

HELP! Never have dealt with this before. Experts only I had a head Jebo in my tank and exploded, literally. I never knew the flames could be under water, but apparently it is possible. Bad luck spike near the head of power burns and probably will not do, and all other fish are in the rock to die. I, of course, I'm doing a water change emergency, but wondered if anyone new of any treatment or anything else I can try to save the fish electrocuted. Saltwater tank. It reminds me slightly to the blue methylene in the treatment …. Note, away from the Jebo brand products. I've heard of their heaters going and now you can add to the list of pumps

I would think that has to do a massive water change. reason is probably not the electrocution, but the toxic chemicals in water burnt plastic and insulation. How to clean water is probably the most important thing. I Wold treated with chemicals only if they develop infections due to stress than are low. More chemicals will only dwell on them at this time. Ian

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