Watt Aquarium Hydroponics

By · Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Watt Aquarium Hydroponics

The cloning of fruit plants may be beneficial in many ways. First you get a plant that you know exactly how it responds and how to treat. Secondly you never have to buy the plant anymore. Most people think it is very difficult to clone a plant and they are completely wrong. Not only a lot of misunderstandings in the world on how to clone a plant. Most people consider cuts very fragile plant which is the farthest thing from the truth. There are many products out there rooting gels humidity domes and cubes boot out there that simply do not need.

I do my cloning inside, I can buy a small fluorescent light for use as the light grows. I just use one installation of outdoor light and a 20 watt bulb. I leave the light on 24 hours a day as there is no need for a timer. You will also need to buy a small Rubbermaid container that is a little deeper than a length of a pencil, the same width and a foot long. Use larger containers, if you want to do a lot of clones. Also stop by your local store aquarium and buy a small air pump, an air tube that fits in the bottom of the container and tail of the aquarium. You can buy all this for 20-30 dollars.

Now take the air wand and fix it to the bottom of the container with aquarium glue. You can try another type of glue, but I found glue that holds the aquarium best. Now, a small hole in the corner of the lid Rubbermaid to run an air line from air pump for air wand. Also drill four holes in the air cap over the wand to stick in the courts outside the plant. Now fill the container to the brim with water and put the lid back on. The container should be filled air bubbles.

Now take a cut of a branch of the plant is young but has developed mature leaves. It should be about 2 / 3 the size of a pen. When you take the reduced use of sterile scissors. It can call this by placing a sheet. Also make sure that is a pair of treble that makes a quick cut and easy. Now just place the cut by drilling holes and make sure the top of the plant remains above water. Now left alone, in a week, you should see the white roots from the court. Wait until you have multiple shots of the roots that are at least an inch long to use the court. Some plants will have up to 3 weeks to show roots. Once the court is ready to place in any culture medium used. Relax and allow it to fit your new environment for the first week and then treat as normal.

I get about 90 percent of ratings success with this method. I always take one or two clones of what is needed and discard those that do not look healthy. There are many other ways to produce clones, but I tried and it works much better for me.

A quick an easy tip from [http://www.southfloridagardening.co.cc/wordpress]

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